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Pediatric Dentistry near Severna Park and Millersville

Pediatric dentistry refers to the practice of children’s oral health and dental care, from babies, young children and teenagers. While your family can visit the same dentist, a children’s dentist will have the necessary qualifications and experience to handle the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of children when it comes to oral health care. 

From the initial dental checkup around six months old to when your child turns eighteen, a pediatric dentist is dedicated to ensuring that your children’s teeth, gums, and mouth are taken care of by providing the best dental care possible. 


What are the Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

A visit to the dentist can be a scary experience for a lot of people and this may be the case for your little one. This is why it’s important to take your child to the dentist from a very early age so they are familiar with the surroundings and setup of a dental practice. When you take your child to a pediatric dentist there are benefits that can make the whole experience much easier. Here are some of the benefits of going to a dental office for children.

A Child-Friendly Environment

Dental offices can be quite intimidating, especially for children which can induce a fear of visiting the dentist. A pediatric office, on the other hand, is welcoming and child-friendly to ensure that your child has a positive experience. The office is designed specifically with children in mind, so the walls are painted bright colors featuring cute animal designs to help your child remain calm during their visit. In the waiting area, there are usually toys and games for children to play or magazines for them to read through before going in to see the dentist. 

Specially Trained Staff

When you visit a pediatric dentistry in Millersville, the staff knows how to put children at ease and reduce any anxiety that your child may be feeling as they are specially trained. A pediatric dentistry will do all they can to ensure your child is comfortable and explain any procedures your child may require in a way that makes it easy for them to understand what’s going on. If your child is uncooperative or becomes hysterical during their visit, the staff will use a range of soothing techniques and distractions in the treatment room to help your child calm down. 

Make Oral Hygiene Fun

Teaching your children the importance of good dental hygiene can be challenging, but a pediatric dentist can help! You’ll want a dentist who can make brushing and flossing teeth exciting, plus your child is more likely to listen to an authoritative figure when it comes to oral hygiene.


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A pediatric dentistry will ensure your child has a regular, teeth-cleaning daily routine to prevent and minimize tooth decay. When you help your child form good dental habits from an early age and take them to regular appointments with a pediatric dental office, it will encourage them to continue this into adulthood.

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