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Cosmetic Dentistry Near Severna Park and Millersville

Many people yearn for a whiter, straighter, more beautiful smile. At Dr. Brian Valle P.A., we can offer cosmetic dentistry services beyond functional restoration to help give you a smile you’ve always wanted.


Why Seek Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

There are several reasons you might want a dentist to look at your smile. 

  • One or several of your teeth may be stained or darkened 
  • You may have a crooked or chipped tooth that doesn’t align well with the others
  • A tooth may be missing
  • You might have distractive fillings that stand out in your smile
  • There may be large gaps in your teeth

Whatever your reason for seeking out a perfect smile, we are here to help you. Patients can be hesitant to upgrade their smiles for various reasons, and we want to assure you that the process can often be faster and easier than you may initially think. Many cosmetic procedures are not expensive, pain-free, and have a quick procedure and recovery time. At the very least, it is worth coming in and learning more. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions. 


Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There are several cosmetic procedures that Dr. Valle can perform to give your smile a refresh. We offer many of these at Dr. Brian Valle P.A. We can advise you on any of these procedures and provide you with several recommendations.

Teeth Whitening – While there are many products and options for whitening teeth, nothing is better than teeth whitening done by a dentist. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, over-the-counter products are made from a general formula without considering the needs of your teeth. A dentist can look at your teeth and get the right formula and approach. Second, your dentist can offer stronger teeth whitening in a safe environment. It can be challenging getting it right yourself, especially if you have fillings and other dental work that has been done. 


Dental Veneers – These custom-made caps go directly over your teeth and look very realistic. They are made in a lab and can fix a number of cosmetic issues with your teeth, such as crookedness, damage, and gaps. They are applied to the front of your teeth and typically require that the tooth directly behind them is filed down so that the veneer fits perfectly. 


Dental Crowns – Dental crowns can be used to replace decayed and discolored teeth. They are custom-made caps that completely cover the original tooth, typically filed down to fit the crown. They look and feel like natural teeth.


Implants and Bridges – A missing tooth can impact how your smile looks and affect the teeth around it. Implants are metal rods that are directly fused to the jawbone structure and are covered with a crown. On the other hand, Bridges are a series of crowns or artificial teeth that connect the living teeth around them, typically by installing crowns on those teeth. 


Orthodontics and Invisalign – Straightening crooked teeth can refresh your smile and help your entire mouth. Invisalign is an excellent option that is non-intrusive and subtle. At Dr. Brain Valle P.A., we can offer Invisalign consultations and help you get on the path to straighter teeth. 


Schedule an Appointment to get Your Questions Answered

We would love to see you and help you understand your options. Each smile is unique, and we want to help you learn the best path to getting the look of your teeth where you want them. We have performed thousands of cosmetic dentistry procedures and have extensive experience knowing what works best in what situations. Give us a call or schedule online today