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Afraid of taking a trip to the dentist? You’re not alone. Over half of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. This is a fear that can prevent many of us from seeking out necessary dental treatment, which can lead to oral health problems getting worse. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to help conquer your dental anxiety – and that’s to look into sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry involves using medication to help relieve discomfort, pain and anxiety. Light sedation can help to calm your nerves, allowing you to seek out the dental work that you need.


Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Many patients have a phobia of dentists and are looking for a way to calm their nerves. However, there are other reasons that you may want to consider sedation dentistry too.

  • Oral sedation could be another form of pain relief for those that can’t or won’t take local anesthetic via needle. Some people have a severe phobia of needles – a pill can be a great way around this.
  • If you find that you get very fidgety during dental work, you could find that sedation helps to calm you down, which could help dental work to be carried our more quickly.
  • Sedation may help to reduce the pain, which could allow multiple small treatments to be carried out more easily in one visit without causing as much stress. This could save the cost and inconvenience of having to divide the treatment into multiple appointments.
  • Sedation might allow you to have treatment if you have a sensitive gag reflex.
  • Your needs will have to be assessed before sedation dentistry is considered. We have helped carry out sedation dentistry for many patients – but it is not always a viable option in every procedure.


The Sedation Process

If you choose us for Millersville MD sedation dentistry, you will likely be given the option of an oral sedative in the form of a pill. The dosage of this pill can vary depending on the type of procedure you are undertaking and the extent of your anxiety. Many patients experience feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness, but it usually will not send you to sleep. It is a conscious form of sedative. We hope that by offering this option, dental anxiety will become a thing of the past. On top of offering a sedative, our team will do everything possible to put you at ease so that your experience is a peaceful one.


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