athletic mouth guards near severna park maryland Dr. Brian Valle dds Dentist in Millersville marylandAthletic Mouth Guards Near Severna Park and Millersville

Speak to Dr. Brian Valle P.A. to get yours custom fitted today! When you or your children are playing sports, you wear helmets and body gear to ensure that you are well-protected from any broken bones or bad bruises. If you can protect your head and body, you can protect your teeth and for that, you need Athletic Mouth Guards to ensure that your teeth and gums are protected. There are a range of sports out there that will require you to wear Athletic Mouth Guards, from football and ice hockey to boxing and karate. Other sports that you wouldn’t think about wearing one for but you should include skateboarding, skiing and even gymnastics. If you are being particularly vigorous with movement, you need to be protected and Dr. Brian Valle P.A. and team can help near Severna Park, Maryland!


Why Should I use a Mouth Guard?

Whether you have people or hockey pucks flying to your face, you should think about ensuring that you minimize the devastation of a dental injury during sports. Without custom-fit Athletic Mouth Guards, you will end up with Athletic Mouth Guards that are store bought and don’t quite fit your teeth. This can lead to discomfort, blisters and a lack of protection on the gums and teeth. With the right, custom-made Athletic Mouth Guard, you can protect your teeth and perform all the sports you like without damaging your gums or teeth further.

If your children are playing contact sports, consider having them fitted with a Athletic Mouth Guard with your dentist, too. Almost 36% of dental injuries happen to children and the one thing you don’t want is for your child to have to have an extraction due to oral trauma. Athletic Mouth Guards can help you to avoid these injuries for your children.


Why Choose Custom Mouth Guards?

Store bought Mouth Guards are cheaper than the custom-made option, that much is true. However, custom-made Athletic Mouth Guards are going to fit your teeth exactly, feel comfortable in your mouth and prevent injuries from occurring. When you choose Athletic Mouth Guards that have been custom fit by your dentist, you are choosing to avoid having teeth knocked out, gum injuries and even concussion. Mouth Guards are integral in preventing concussion after a trauma, and plenty of research has found that players who have over the counter Mouth Guards have a higher rate of traumatic brain injury than those who had their Athletic Mouth Guard custom-made by their dental team.


At the office of Dr. Brian Valle P.A, you can find that you get the best possible care. You can get better help to absorb shock and stabilize your neck and head when there is a direct hit. Protecting your teeth should be a top priority for you, and with custom-made Athletic Mouth Guard, you get much better protection than without a mouth guard at all. When you choose a mouth guard that will fit your teeth properly, you will have optimal comfort and safety while you are playing sports.

Call the office of Dr. Brian Valle P.A. today and get your Athletic Mouth Guard fitted.