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At Dr. Brain Valle P.A. we are dedicated to staying educated and updated on new dental developments regarding treatments and technology so we can give you the care you deserve. One of the most recent developments or treatments in the dental field is that dentists are becoming trained and certified in injecting dermal fillers. Dr. Valle is one of these dentists who have taken the necessary steps to give his patients the option to benefit from this procedure. 

Please continue reading to learn about all the major changes in your appearance that dermal fillers can provide. Until recently, the injection of fillers was completed by a medical doctor in a hospital, but due to the discovery that dermal fillers could benefit dental patients, dentists all over have been getting trained and certified. Dr. Valle has taken the necessary steps to become a professional at delivering dermal fillers. 


What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite, which once injected into the first layer of skin, can add volume to the desired area. At our Millersville, Maryland office, we have patients that come to not only help restore their smile, but also the fullness of their face that has become wrinkled due to age or other natural reasons. 

In small doses, fillers can be placed in areas of the face where the patient is desiring more volume such as lips, oral commissures, wrinkles, or fine lines around the smile. After completing full smile restorations or cosmetic treatments, many patients start to notice small areas on their faces that they would like filled out. Receiving fillers in our dental office has many advantages, the main one being that Dr. Valle knows the anatomy of your smile, and can place fillers in the most effective places. 

Although dermal fillers, even just after a single injection, will deliver excellent and beautiful results, they are not permanent. Patients who want to maintain the volume the fillers provide will need to come in to receive regular injections. Dermal fillers provide immediate results by tightening the skin but recently it has been proven that over a significant time of receiving fillers, they can stimulate the body’s collagen production. More collagen production will naturally help fill in wrinkles and fine lines. 


Come See Dr. Valle

If you have fine lines or wrinkles on your face that you aren’t fond of and what to change, we encourage you to make an appointment to speak to Dr. Brian Valle P.A. about the possibility of receiving dermal fillers. Enhancing your smile can go way beyond just receiving cosmetic treatment to enhance your teeth. With fillers, the skin on your face becomes tight and makes you feel younger and rejuvenated.

We are located in Millersville, Maryland, and are currently accepting new patients that need to receive any form of dental care.