Digital Impressions

There is a new technology available to Dr. Valle’s patients that completely eliminates the need for an impression. It’s called the Digital Impression Technique, and it works by taking a digital impression of a patient’s mouth – no impression material necessary.   

With this device, we can capture 3D video images by waving a small wand over our patient’s teeth, which records their dental anatomy in precise detail and simultaneously displays in a chairside monitor. This gives our patients a more comfortable and interactive experience. The patient and Dr. Valle together can then review, rotate, enlarge and even use the 3D glasses to view the impression on the touch screen monitor. The file is then sent to a dental lab, which uses it to create the patient’s final restoration. 

The dental industry is the first to benefit from this extraordinary breakthrough in digital imaging and our office is one of the first to offer this technology. It is the beginning of a new, comfortable and interactive process for restoring your smile.