Bite Splints & Night Guards

(Kois) Nightguard Appliance Care 
(Occlusal Splint)

The goal of the nightguard is to protect your teeth and jaw joint from the damaging forces when you clench or grind your teeth. Your nightguard is made of a resin material that is hard yet softer than your teeth. Therefore, if you continue to grind or clench, with your nightguard in place, you will wear it and not your teeth!

Wearing the nightguard during the day may help you become aware of the grinding or clenching habit. You should wear it whenever you think you might be clenching or grinding.

The nightguard will need at least two adjustments,  to refine the bite on the guard so that it is evenly balanced. Having an even bite will help your biting muscles to relax, reduce tooth sensitivity and help the jaw joint find its comfortable position.