Products for maintaining Dental Health.


CariFree is a cavity-prevention product that focuses on neutralizing the mouth’s pH to battle cavity-forming bacteria and leave teeth strong and healthy. The cavity solution lies in CariFree’s simple protocol for assessing patients’ risk factors.

Cavities grow as a result of a bacterial infection on the teeth known as dental caries. Traditionally, dentists would incorporate the “drill and fill” method to rid the mouth of cavities; however, this does not prevent the recurrence of dental decay.

Taking a preemptive approach to dental health, CariFree products detect cavity-causing caries infection and provide patients with effective products that treat the bacteria—and prevent it from returning. Unlike other traditional fluoride treatments, CariFree products focus on the pH of the mouth, ultimately battling the underlying disease that promotes harmful bacteria. This alleviates the need for invasive drill and fill methods.

Conventional methods of cavity prevention, such as brushing and flossing, cannot effectively target the caries infection. By combining the proven benefits of fluoride, xylitol and neutralizing pH technology, CariFree not only helps eliminate cavity-causing bacteria, it also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria.

The range of products offered by CariFree can curb nearly every affliction caused by the caries infection, from children’s cavities to bad breath.
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