Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing

This extensive cleaning treatment is provided by the hygienist for patients who have tartar, calculus and bacteria buried below the gum line on the tooth. Your regular tooth brushing and flossing only removes the tartar that is above the gum line of your tooth. Scaling & Root Planing helps to prevent and treat gum disease. This technique is most often used when the gum pockets at your tooth have a measurement that is greater than 3mm. The average pocket depth is 3mm or less. When tartar and calculus attach to your tooth below the gum line, they pull the gum tissue away from the tooth creating a deep pocket. The tartar and calculus must be removed so that the gum can heal and close the pocket. If not treated, the tartar and bacteria will begin to cause gum disease and deteriorate your bone, tissue and teeth.