Kois Center Mentor

The Kois Center is a family of dentists and dental professionals who are passionate

about dental healthcare and have the discipline to pursue excellence.

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Dr Valle is an active member of the world renowned Kois Graduate Center

and has recently earned the status a Kois Center Mentor

The Kois Center is an advanced graduate and clinical program for practicing dentists.  The Center features a comprehensive nine-course curriculum with the latest advances in esthetics, implant and restorative dentistry.  The curriculum is based upon the mission statement:  “Enabling motivated dentists to achieve extraordinary levels, expanding knowledge and application skills in restorative dentistry.”
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The Kois Center is part of an educational network inspired by top dentists who have made a commitment to a rigorous program of continuing education.  This network is actually a living, maturing postgraduate educational think tank.  The collaboration of these members has created an ever expanding knowledge base at the Center and is a pathway for extraordinary professional growth. The Kois Center provides an intense educational experience, which allows your dentist to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you, the patient, in keeping your teeth healthy and esthetically pleasing for a lifetime.  Dentists who attend the Center seek evidence-based knowledge, applying this knowledge and innovation in pursuit of excellence in the outcome of your oral health.

The Kois Center community works to provide the best, most efficient, cost-effective care to their patients and help one another to achieve this goal. Graduates also have the privilege of being part of our referral service on the website, wherein other graduates can search for contact information and refer patients who are moving or are out of town to another highly trained and skilled dentist.  As graduates incorporate their new knowledge into their dental practices, they can apply to become Mentors, who return regularly to the Center to offer help to current students, continuing the cycle of contributing to an improved dental profession.